News from the Board

8 June 2020

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

Important announcement from the Board of Trustees

As you may be aware, the Board has been working for the past few years with the Ministry of Education on upgrading our bottom block classrooms. This has been hampered by many issues including funding, escalating building costs and of course Covid-19.

However, we have very exciting news! We can now confirm that on 21 June, refurbishment and upgrade works will begin on the bottom block classrooms and staffroom. This will result in some fantastic new facilities for our students and staff.

Bottom Block

The upgrade and refurbishment works will see rooms 6 (Kererū) and 7 (Kākāpō) being transformed by demolishing the current cloakrooms between classrooms and replacing these with two new dedicated quiet rooms. Rooms 8 (Takahē) and 9 (Kārearea) will also have similar quiet rooms added in place of the cloakrooms.

Inside each classroom, we will be installing new acoustic ceilings, LED lighting, new carpet and acoustic pinboard on the walls. The existing old timber windows will be replaced with new aluminium windows. Room 6 (kererū) will also have a new kitchenette and oven added.

The bottom block staff will also get an upgraded staff room with kitchenette and better facilities.

Finally, we will be adding a new sick-bay and universal bathroom that will provide a facility for anyone with additional needs.

Top Block

Similar to the bottom block, Rooms 1 (Kiwi) and 1+ (Hoiho)  will see the shared cloakroom replaced with a new quiet room.

Duration of the building works

We expect that these renovations will take the entire third term to complete. Plans have been made to temporary relocate staff and students to other areas. These areas will include the hall, staff room and Room 1 extension (Hoiho).

Room 6 (Kererū) will be relocating to Room 1+ (Hoiho)

Rooms 7 and 8 (Kākāpō and Takahē) will be relocating to the hall

Room 9 (Kārearea) will be relocating to the staffroom

Working with the contractor, the school is looking to ensure that the time taken to complete the construction works to the bottom block is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When two classes in the bottom block are complete, the classes working in the hall will relocate to Room 6 (Kererū) and Room 7 (Kākāpō). Rooms 1 and 1+ will then relocate to the hall for a short period of time so a new quiet room can be created for Rooms 1+ (Hoiho) and Room 1 (Kiwi).

Access to and from Victory Crescent

Children will still be able to access the school from Victory Crescent by using the lower pedestrian gate (the top gate by the library will be closed to everyone except contractors). The area around the bottom block will be fenced off to keep the children safe from the building works. Access to the hall and top block from the lower pedestrian gate on Victory Crescent will be open at both the start and end of the school day. However, during the day, the path will be blocked to ensure the safety of students.

The Board recognises that this will cause significant disruption to normal school life for our students and staff. We have little control over the timing of this work, and have decided to refurbish all four classrooms at once to shorten the overall construction time.

We know that the end result will be worth it for everyone.

If you have any questions about this work or where your child will be during term 3, please contact your child’s teacher or our Acting Principal Abbey Corich.

Thank you for your patience as we have been planning this project. We look forward to seeing you at a special opening ceremony early in Term 4!


Ian Conning, Sophie Robbers, Noha Ibrahim, Melanie Zimmerman, Abbey Corich, Matt Bulford and Stephen Opie

The Hampton Hill School Board of Trustees

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