Children needing to self-isolate at home

If your child is currently needing to self-isolate at home, we have asked our teachers to reach out to you regarding distance learning during the self-isolation period. However, this can prove challenging with our teachers still needing to conduct their own learning programmes for students who are onsite. Therefore this information aims to direct and provide you with a range of learning resources that are accessible to you at home. These include:

As well as the above, there are two Learning at Home Packs that have been designed by the Ministry of Education. These are divided into Y1-Y3 and Y4-Y6. These packs are in Word format so can be written on directly by students.

You are still likely to hear from your child’s teacher who may provide other learning tasks, including Wushka, which is an online reading programme that we now have access to.

Also, we have a small number of devices at school that we may be able to supply you with, should you need one. Please let your teacher know if you need one or if you have any queries or concerns.

Hampton Hill School Covid-19 Orange Traffic Light Framework Settings

This setting enables us to lift many of the restrictions that we had in place during RED. Some of the key changes include staff and students no longer required to wear face masks, parents and caregivers able to come freely on site (please wear a mask when indoors) and children having full access to the playground again.  You can read the full list of settings here:

Hampton Hill School Covid-19 Orange Traffic Light Protection Framework Settings

Hampton Hill School Covid 19 Contingency Plan 2022

Hampton Hill School’s flexible response to COVID-19 will depend on the various scenarios that could play out within the school community. The movement between the stages may vary depending on the possible implications of a COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently in HHS Stage 1. Please refer to our contingency plan: Hampton Hill School Covid 19 Contingency Plan 2022 – Staff and/or Student Absence